When’s the best time to be pregnant?

My first pregnancy fell during the months of March through November, meaning the bulk of it took place during the spring and summer. My current pregnancy began in August, and, if all goes well, will result in another healthy baby some time in April. This has meant lots of time being pregnant during the fall and winter.

Having now endured pregnancy during every season, I thought I would compare spring/summer (warm season) and fall/winter (cold season) and determine when is the better time to be knocked up.



Warm season pregnancy:

During my first pregnancy, I was fortunate to get away with only buying a handful of maternity clothes. This was partly because I was lucky that my belly didn’t expand until I was well past four months, and because the warm weather enabled me to wear the free-flowy dresses that I already owned. By the time I really needed to invest in some maternity jeans, I was close to my due date.


Cold season pregnancy:

With the bulk of my current pregnancy taking place during a brutal winter, I could not get away with the flowy dresses. I stocked up on extra maternity jeans, extra large sweaters and other essentials to keep me warm and comfortable. Unlike the ones used during my last pregnancy, I won’t have much use for these clothes much longer after I give birth.

Winner: Warm season


How others treat you

Warm season:

With very little clothing to cover my pregnant body, I would just have to step into the subway and would instantly get a seat. Plus, generally rude New Yorkers are more pleasant in the spring and summer. This meant people would smile at me and compliment me on my growing belly. Yes, the attention could be overwhelming at times, but it was nice.

Cold season:

With 20 layers of clothing on top of me, only the most attentive person could tell I was pregnant. And I live in New York, where nobody gives a damn about anyone. If I want a seat, I have to unzip my coat and rub my belly aggressively. That usually works.


Winner: Warm season


The Weather

Warm season:

During my first pregnancy, I has to endure the summer heat during most of my second trimester. I have a hard enough time on the heat when I am not pregnant, and dealing with high temperatures and carrying a beach ball in my belly only made things more unbearable.

Cold season:

Okay, I know this winter was hellish for most of us living in the Northeast, and being stuck inside with a toddler is another story entirely. However, from a pregnancy stand point, the chilly weather is pretty refreshing. While everyone else is complaining about the Arctic conditions, my overheated pregnant body welcomed the chance to cool down.

Winner: Cold season



Warm season:

During my first pregnancy, I spent a few weekends on Fire Island, a popular beach destination on Long Island, NY. Because it was a beach vacation, it meant worrying about finding a swimsuit that fit, dealing with excessive heat and lots of drunk idiots while sober. That said, I loved the crew I was with and had a great time.

Cold season:

During my second pregnancy, I went with a group of friends to Killington, Vt. I definitely enjoyed the apres ski lifestyle. Lounging around the ski house was lovely. Plus I got a kick-ass prenatal massage.

Winner: Cold season

Verdict: Pregnancy is a pain no matter what season it is!

2 thoughts on “When’s the best time to be pregnant?

  1. One Mother to Another

    I’m halfway through my second pregnancy in a completely different season and this list is ringing true for me, as well. First pregnancy was first trimester in the summer and then lovely fall and not terrible winter for the rest. I hated buying maternity sweaters and tons of layers to outfit my huge belly during the colder months because it cost me a lot of money, but overall I loved being pregnant during that time period. I am due in August this time and definitely looking forward to maxi dresses and long tank tops that don’t have the word “maternity” in them, but not so much the summer heat. Like you said, pregnancy can be a pain either way, but so worth it 🙂

    1. ghoffer Post author

      Indeed. I do feel for you being in your last trimester in the thick of summer. Remember to stay cool and hydrated!


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