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5 things this Jewish mom loves about Christmas

Thanksgiving has passed. The store shelves are stocked with ornaments, tinsel, and lights. The mainstream radio stations are playing holiday tunes. Holly and pine adorn streetlights and shop windows. Santa and his elves are depicted in countless commercials. Christmas season is here.

As a Jewish mom in a predominantly Christian society, I do feel a need to shield my kids from the Christmas stuff. The lights, the tree, Santa, the presents—I get it—it’s pretty awesome. I can’t blame my 5-year-old for wanting in on the action.

5 things this Jewish mom loves about Christmas

I could respond by playing up Hanukkah, telling him we get eight nights of presents instead of one. Or I could diminish the role of Christmas in our secular society, and hope he just gets over it.

Instead, I will share with my son all of the wonderful teachings of Christmas. Continue reading

The beautiful bond of my boys

The Beautiful Bond of My Boys

The following is an excerpt from my story, “Brotherly Love,” in the book,
The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Life With Boys: Hilarious & Heartwarming Stories About Raising Boys From The Boymom Squad, edited by Tiffany O’Connor and Lyndee Brown of #Lifewithboys. Continue reading

5 Alternative uses for a toddler bed



When I was pregnant with my second child, getting my oldest to sleep in his own bed became a battle I just didn’t want to fight anymore. So, we started bed-sharing. (Why it is called that is beyond me, there is no “sharing” a bed with a toddler. You just try to make do with what little space your child gives you, and pray you don’t get kicked in the face.) After my youngest was born, I was even more exhausted and getting sleep was more important than getting my toddler in his own bed.

You would think that because my son doesn’t use his bed anymore, we would no longer need it. However, I have found it has several useful functions.

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Orange is the New Black: playground edition


They’re strong, opinionated, and ready to defend their territory. Just like most of the moms I know, the ladies of Orange is the New Black are a strong and colorful bunch. Change Litchfield into a playground and you have the makings of one interesting show.

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