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Five phrases we need to stop saying to new mothers

Giving birth seems to invite all sorts of opinions and input from everyone from close family to complete strangers. Here are some of the more common phrases new moms hear, and why they are problematic.

Breast Is Best

I breastfed both my children for about two years each (both directly from my breast and via pumped milk in bottles). I loved the bond nursing built between myself and my kids, and I am proud of myself for being able to do it for as long as I did. However, just because breastfeeding was right for me, doesn’t make it right for all mothers.

All who want to breastfeed should be supported in every way possible. However, many new moms are unable or prefer not to breastfeed, and need support as well. Breast milk is truly amazing, no debate there. However, breast milk is not the only way to feed a baby. Breast milk may be remarkable, but what’s more remarkable is a mom who is supported in her choices.

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When did babywearing become a status symbol?

I practice babywearing for a variety of reasons. I love the convenience of being able to hold your child while still having your hands free to accomplish other tasks. Laundry, for example, is a chore I often perform with a little one strapped to my back. I love how babywearing helps ease the burden of schlepping a baby around town. If you ever got caught alone with a stroller on a NYC subway, you know just how much of a pain in the ass they can be. Most of all, I love the connection fostered between myself and my kids.

There is another reason to babywear that never occurred to me until I saw an article on my Facebook feed about the popularity of Tula carriers:


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Finding perspective in the NICU

The NICU is a place of dualities. The noise of the nurses milling about, babies crying and the beeping of monitors is constant; yet, there is also a strange quietness that envelopes the room. The room is warm, even hot, to the point where nursing half naked is the only comfortable option; yet, the cold sterility of the highly medicalized environment is palpable in every pore of your body. While in the NICU, the heart is both filled with deep sadness for those babies that are struggling to survive and ready to burst with joy as it witnesses the resilience of these tiny humans.
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When’s the best time to be pregnant?

My first pregnancy fell during the months of March through November, meaning the bulk of it took place during the spring and summer. My current pregnancy began in August, and, if all goes well, will result in another healthy baby some time in April. This has meant lots of time being pregnant during the fall and winter.

Having now endured pregnancy during every season, I thought I would compare spring/summer (warm season) and fall/winter (cold season) and determine when is the better time to be knocked up.

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Let’s stop the good vs. bad baby thing


They sleep well at an early age, rarely cry, nurse well or tolerate any type of formula and are pleasant around everyone. These are just some of the ways to describe what many would consider “good” babies. Such other words as easy, calm or unfussy are often tossed around, but they all mean the same thing. They are used to talk about those perfect babies that make us question why our bundles of joy are not such a joy after all.
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