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If Game of Thrones took place in high school

War, disease, deathly mythical creatures. It’s hard to imagine anything scarier than the world of “Game of Thrones.” Oh, wait, there’s high school. Surviving the teen years is hellish enough; now imagine what that might be like if Westeros, instead of being A Middle-Ages-inspired fantasy world, was your typical high school.


Would our beloved battle-tested heroes survive the conniving halls of adolescents? Who would be class president? Or class clown?

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If Cersei Lannister were a mommy blogger

It is a lonely life for the Queen Regent who will do anything to protect her family. There’s the stress of fighting nasty rumors, dealing with uncontrollable children and fighting off would be usurpers. Sometimes a lady needs to vent.

I think if Cersei were around today, she would be all over the blogosphere sharing her thoughts on parenting.

Check out some of the excerpts from “Cersei Says:”

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