5 Alternative uses for a toddler bed



When I was pregnant with my second child, getting my oldest to sleep in his own bed became a battle I just didn’t want to fight anymore. So, we started bed-sharing. (Why it is called that is beyond me, there is no “sharing” a bed with a toddler. You just try to make do with what little space your child gives you, and pray you don’t get kicked in the face.) After my youngest was born, I was even more exhausted and getting sleep was more important than getting my toddler in his own bed.

You would think that because my son doesn’t use his bed anymore, we would no longer need it. However, I have found it has several useful functions.

I can use the bed to:

1. Fold and sort laundry. Each child multiplies the amount of laundry by 20. It’s a mathematical certainty. I would also argue that the smaller the child, the dirtier the clothes. Needless to say, in my house, we do a lot of laundry. The bed has become a sort of purgatory between the laundry room and actually putting the clothes away.

2. Get in some exercise. I don’t remember the last time I went to the gym, but I still manage to stay in shape. The toddler bed is awesome for squats, lunges and other calisthenics. Feel the burn!

3. Catch up on my reading or writing. My son’s bed makes a sweet little nook for when I just need to escape and enjoy a quiet activity that doesn’t involve watching “Paw Patrol.” Bring a cup of coffee or tea with you and you got yourself your very own cozy cafe.

4. Hide. Every stay-at-home parent can admit to craving some alone time. Because I know he won’t go in it, I can use my son’s bed to get away for a bit. Though, my son never let’s me stay hidden for too long.

5. Sleep! My many attempts to get my son to use his bed have often led me to falling asleep right on it. I gotta say, it’s pretty darn comfy! Grab me a pillow and I’ll see you in an hour.

I intended for my youngest to get the bed when he was older, but now I’m thinking I may have to explore other options.

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