Orange is the New Black: playground edition


They’re strong, opinionated, and ready to defend their territory. Just like most of the moms I know, the ladies of Orange is the New Black are a strong and colorful bunch. Change Litchfield into a playground and you have the makings of one interesting show.

Piper Chapman: Piper is the mom who shows up with a hand-painted, sustainably – sourced wooden bento box filled with homemade white bean puree and organic carrot sticks for her kid named Waldorf, Hilton, Ritz or some other fancy hotel. She is there to remind you have the importance of finding the “right” preschool and questions your choice of children’s sunblock.

Alex Vause: Alex is the mom who takes her kids to Coachella, dresses them like mini rock stars and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her parenting style. You don’t love that little Axel is a tad aggressive, but you don’t say anything because you are simultaneously petrified of his mother and longing to be her best friend. You know she had it in at all of the cool hangouts you feel too lame to frequent with your other mom friends.

Lorna Morello: Lorna has no kids of her own, but insists on chatting about her “boyfriend” and their plans for a family, which include five kids, a house in the suburbs and a golden retriever. She always volunteers to hold your baby or chase your toddler. You are happy to indulge her … to a point.

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