PJ Library makes celebrating Passover easy, meaningful and fun

In addition to running this blog and related social media channels, I run an Instagram account and Clubhouse club called, “Raising Jews.”

In our most recent discussion, we spoke about ways to make Passover fun for kids of all ages, and shared crafts, games and other ideas to make the holiday a joyous experience for everyone.

My main takeaway from the conversation was realizing our children reflect our attitudes and emotions. If we can find the joy in Passover, they can as well.

Of course, having some resources to help us make a memorable Passover helps, and once, again, PJ Library delivers with its extensive offering of books, music, games and more to create a meaningful holiday.

Images provided by PJ Library

Even if you are unsure of where to begin, PJ Library’s got you covered. From their free, family-focused, downloadable Haggadah, to their pre-Seder checklist, even the most novice Passover observers can create a wonderful holiday experience.

Families looking for ideas would be wise to start with the Passover hub , PJ Libray’s one-stop spot for finding recipes, games, printables and more to enhance your holiday celebration.

For even more Passover fun, check out PJ Library’s new podcast, “Humpty Dumpty and the Passover Feast,” available through the PJ Library Presents Podcast Network.

With PJ Library, I am reminded how there is always something to learn. Our family recently received a copy of A Sweet Meeting on Mimouna Night, a book about special celebration of the end of Passover, typically observed by Jews of Moroccan descent.

Because Mimouna is celebrated the day after Passover ends, families without access to flour would often go to their Muslim neighbors for help, thus the holiday has become a way to showcase the values of working with those who are different from us.

If you are raising children with Jewish values and traditions, you can sign up to get PJ Library books delivered to your home each month, for free.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by PJ Library. All views expressed are my own.

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