Buddha Board brings mindfulness and creativity home

Throughout my life, I have used creativity to ease my mind, reduce stress, and turn off the world for a moment.

I enjoy oil painting, for example, and love how I can get lost in the mixing of paints and the strokes of my brush on canvas.

Oil painting, however, involves a lot of prep work, and sometimes, I don’t want to be bothered.

Sometimes, I just want a quick and simple way to express myself artistically.

Enter the Buddha Board, an art and meditation tool, I was introduced to a few weeks ago.

The Buddha Board enables the user paint freely using only water. No need to find paints or clean brushes between strokes. All you need is your brush and good ole H20.

After a short time, your creation evaporates away leaving a blank canvas waiting for your next moment of inspiration.

I was sent three versions two try: the Original Buddha Board, Mini Buddha Board, and Enso.

Original Buddha Board, Image Provided By Everything Branding

The original Buddha Board comes with a wooden canvas board, wooden box, and brush. To use the board, you simply place the board on top of the box (which also doubles as the water reservoir), dip the brush in the water and paint.

The Mini Buddha Board functions much the same way, except for having a smaller brush and smaller water reservoir.

Mini Buddha Board, Image Provided By Everything Branding

The Enso is unique in that it looks similar to a laptop, with a sleek metal design. The Enso comes with a unique brush that holds its own water, making it great for travel.

Since the Buddha Boards arrived in our home, both myself and my kids have enjoyed using them. I keep all of them out, so anyone who feels inspired can express themselves.

I often find my boys sitting at the table, drawing on the boards. They enjoy seeing how the water interacts with the canvas, and seeing their images disappear over time.

Enso Closed, Image By Gail Hoffer-Loibl

I love how they have something they can use during screen-free time, a tool for improving focus and mindfulness, and a mess-free we to be artistic.

Enso Opened, Image By Gail Hoffer-Loibl

Whether you are into mindfulness, art, reducing stress, or simply want your kids to stop getting paint all over your house, Buddha Board products make a great addition to any art studio, play room, or creative space in the home.

The Original Buddha Board, Mini Buddha Board and Enso are available directly from the manufacturer, BuddhaBoard.com, as well as via Amazon and select retailers.

Pricing for items purchased via the website:

$17.95 for the Mini Buddha Board

$37.95 for the Original

$27.95 for the Enso

No matter which Buddha Board you choose, you will find yourself gravitating toward it whenever you feel a need to de-stress, pause from the world, and enjoy the simple joy of brushing strokes of water on canvas.

Disclaimer: I was provided with sample products to try out in exchange for a possible review. All views expressed are my own.

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