Mystic Aquarium is a wonder of aquatic life

My six-year-old loves learning about sharks, and I’m almost certain we have read every library book available on these fascinating sea creatures. When our family had the opportunity to visit Mystic Aquarium this summer, I was eager for him, and his brother, to see some sharks and other marine life up close.


From the time we walked in, our family was impressed by the size of the aquarium. The facility boasts plenty of outdoor and indoor exhibits — be prepared to do a lot of walking — and remember with small children, it can be hard to visit everything, so focus on what interests you.

Belugas, Penguins and Sharks, Oh My!

We began our visit by checking out the outdoor exhibits. Our first stop was to the Beluga whale exhibit in the Arctic area. I loved watching these beautiful animals swim gracefully in the water. Nearby, we saw  African penguins — always a hit with my bunch — as well as seals and sea lions. We went on to view frogs and turtles in the exhibit designed to replicate marshlands.


Making our way inside to the Main Gallery, we explored the wide variety of marine life on display. From colorful fish to mesmerizing anemones, we were surrounded by the wonders of the ocean. And, of course, we saw some amazing sharks. My oldest even gave us a mini lesson on the variety of sharks, pointing out the differences in size among these ocean predators.


Touching Marine Life

Though we didn’t swim with the sharks, we were able to view a few up close in one of Mystic Aquarium’s touch pools. Along with rays, crabs and other animals, these interactive exhibits were a great way for visitors to learn more about marine life.


Another interactive exhibit my children loved was the water play area. Being able to manipulate the flow of water and get their hands wet was popular with many of the young visitors.

Mystic Aquarium’s Jurassic Giants exhibit also delighted my kids. With replicas of dinosaurs of all sizes and opportunities to test their dino knowledge, I am sure your children will love this exhibit as well.

Sea Lion T.V. Has All the Best Channels

The Sea Lion show was the highlight of our visit. Of all the aquatic animal shows I have seen, this one was by far the most creative and entertaining. Using the theme of “Sea Lion T.V.” the sea lions, with the help of their trainers, performed on “The Bark,” showed their athletic skills on “Lox Sports,” and even gave a rose to one lucky audience member on “The Bachelorette.” Our whole family was laughing out loud at the corny, but hilarious “narrator,” learning a lot about how to protect our oceans, and ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the adorable sea lion stars of the show.


Being so close to our home, I imagine this won’t be our last visit to Mystic Aquarium. Next time, I hope to catch some of the exhibits we might have missed, as well try some of the animal encounters.

Know Before You Go

Mystic Aquarium is situated in scenic Mystic, Connecticut (located less than a three hours’ drive outside of the New York metro area and about two hours from Boston), right off of Interstate 95.

Admission prices vary by date and range from around $30 to $38 dollar per adult. Savings can be found by booking online or by purchasing a Mystic pass, which offers discounted admission to Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport as well as savings around the area.

The aquarium is quite large, so be prepared to do a lot of walking. Good shoes are a must, and the museum is stroller friendly, but be mindful of the large crowds.

Be sure to check out my YouTube video to see more from our visit.


Have You Visited Mystic Aquarium?

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