Growing a love for gardening one community at a time

I was volunteering in my son’s classroom, when his teacher asked me help a few students do some weeding in the school garden. She handed me an example of what to look for, and I thanked her, as I am as far from a “green thumb” as one can get.

My shortcomings in gardening mattered little, as the children themselves schooled me on the finer points of tending to their little plot of various flowers and produce. I thought about how fortunate they were to be part of a educational community that values the importance of learning where our food comes from and teaching future generations to care for and respect the Earth.


The benefits of spending time outdoors working in the soil are evident, and one Chicago-based woman has made it her mission to show the world that anyone can be a gardener — no matter where they live or their level of experience. Researching for this blog has even started to convince me I might have a shot!

Natasha Nicholes, saw the empty plots of land in her Chicago neighborhood as opportunities. From one small, West Pullman community garden plot started in 2016, the We Sow We Grow project was born. Today, Nicholes spreads her enthusiasm about gardening beyond the reaches of Illinois and has indeed launched a movement to make gardeners out of all of us.

We Sow We Grow is a community for all levels of agricultural enthusiasts — from those just beginning to plant their first gardens to those running multiple community projects. Nobody is ever judged for their lack of knowledge and all are encouraged to support one another.

In fact, this sense of community building is what drives Nicholes. She sees gardening as an opportunity for neighbors, schools and towns to come together for a common good. We Sow We Grow often hosts events in the Chicago area to teach participants everything from the basics of weeding to more advanced techniques like plant transferring and how to build a chicken coop.

We Sow We Grow is planting the seeds for a more sustainable, more peaceful and more caring world.

You can support We Sow We Grow through their Facebook page, or by visiting this link.

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