Richard Scarry’s “Mother Cat’s Busy Day” is my life

Have you ever read a book, and thought this is my life?

I do, all the time. And those moments of finding yourself in a story are often found in the most surprising places, like a Richard Scarry book.


Mother Cat’s Busy Day sat on a bookshelf in my childhood bedroom.  Since the book was published after I was already too old to read it, I believe this was a recent requirement of my parents who wanted some children’s books in the house for when their grandchildren were visiting.

As my family was visiting my parents over the Passover holiday, the selection of kids book came in handy. I picked up the copy of Mother Cat’s Busy Day, thinking this would be a cute book to read to my kids.

What I did not expect was how hilariously relatable this book would be. 

From the first page, most moms reading Mother Cat’s Busy Day will nod along as this kick-ass cat handles household chores, juggling schedules and just being an awesome mom.

Here we see Mother Cat trying to steal a few extra minutes of sleep, but of course a kid is hungry, so Mother Cat has to get up.

You know Mother Cat is thinking it’s time these kids made their own damn breakfast, but she gets up, because it’s what moms do.


Mother Cat is making lunches with no cup of coffee in sight. Unbelievable as it sounds, this is me. I don’t drink coffee at all, and I hardly ever drink anything with caffeine.

How do I function?

No idea.


Now it’s laundry time, because, there’s always laundry to do, whether you are a person or a fictional cat.


Finally Mother Cat gets to drop her kids off at the bus. Notice how she barely stops the car as she no doubt thinks: let’s go kids, mommy’s got about five hours to herself.


Time for grocery shopping. This book forgot to mention how this is Mother Cat’s favorite time of the day. Few things are better than food shopping alone.

Except maybe eating alone.

You deserve this, Mother Cat!


While Mother Cat is trying to get stuff done, Mr. Fixit  is “fixing” (read: destroying) her door).

Poor Mother Cat is going to have to deal with this mess when she gets home.


I was unable to get pictures of the ending of this book because my kids were jumping on me.

To sum up, Mother Cat comes home to find that she can now drive into her kitchen.

I’m sure she finds that hilarious.

Mr. Fixit, you have one job, and it is your name!

I think Mother Cat needs a new book called Mother Cat’s Day At The Spa.


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