No veteran should feel alone

On May 12, millions of Americans spent the day celebrating the mothers in their lives. Mother’s Day serves to remind us of all these women have done.

Later this month, Americans will celebrate another special group of people. A group, much like mothers, who put others before themselves. A group who paid the ultimate price for what they loved — their country.


This Memorial Day, we will place flags on our windows; we will march in parades; we will cheer for those who serve, and bow our heads for those who died in the process. We will swell with patriotic pride.

But, what happens when the parades end, the flags come down, and everyone goes back to their lives?

Like mothers, veterans give their all for what they love. And, like mothers, veterans, all too often, get so little in return.

We praise those who serve, yet when the time comes to provide the services they need to cope with the toll of warfare, America falls short.

Our soldiers return from battle, suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are often left to fend for themselves. The resources they find may be limited or too expensive.

One foundation is working to change that.

VALOR Clinic Foundation aids veterans with accessing benefits and shelter. For veterans in the Northeast, the foundation offers meals and shelter at Paul’s House in Polk Township Pennsylvania. The foundation also provides holiday meals and toys for military families.

A core part of VALOR’s mission is preventing veterans — as well as first responders and law enforcement — from harming themselves as a response to the devastating effects of PTSD. Through its Veterans Unstoppable program, the foundation offers those who served the tools they need to cope with and manage symptoms of post traumatic stress.

VALOR Clinic Foundation has saved many from severe mental distress and even suicide. However, for many more, who never got the proper care, living becomes unbearable. According to the foundation, studies show 22 veterans die by suicide every day.

They are casualties of the “war at home.”

VALOR has stepped up to honor them.

The War at Home Memorial, to be located in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, will spread across one mile and feature 51 monuments, 50 for the states and one for the territories. Each monument will include the names of those whose lives were lost fighting the battle against the impact of war.

Blogging for Better is honored to support the VALOR Clinic Foundation and its work to help those who serve our country.

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The War At Home Memorial, to be located a Meckes Lane. Will honor and remember veterans who died by suicide or succombed to the effects of homelessness and post traumatic stress injuries.

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