Poor husband can never find my yogurt (video)

I do the majority of food shopping in my home. An always exciting adventure, because I almost always have at least one small child with me. As any parent can attest, shopping with kids is rough, so when I get the chance to go by myself, or better yet, my husband goes to the store instead.


Our grocery list varies little, and, most of the time, my husband has no trouble finding what we need. However, for whatever reason, whenever he goes shopping, he can never locate one item:


Well, not just any yogurt, Greek yogurt. And not just any brand of Greek yogurt, Fage Total Greek yogurt. And not just any Fage Total. The full fat version. The trend me be all about low-fat or non-fat, but I prefer full fat dairy, and science backs me up.

Though, I usually have to dig around the other versions, more often than not, I’ll find my yogurt. My husband, however, has no luck. To prove this, he recently filmed his search.

Poor guy.

Watch the video below to see how he handles it. (Warning: Language)

I am glad my husband has a sense of humor about the whole thing. I am also grateful to have a partner who will take the time to search for a favorite food item, even if that search comes up empty. I have been in the same position when trying to find something he likes to eat. We do our best for one another.

And, in case you were wondering, my husband came home with Chobani.

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