Happy Birthday, Dear Miracle

To My Youngest,

Three years ago, you wasted no time vacating my womb. You had a world to explore and life to get living, and you weren’t letting a little thing like birth stand in your way. Nope, you cannonball-blasted your way out of my body and straight on to your next adventure.


Things weren’t so smooth, at first. In your eagerness to baby born, you were met with some adversity. Your body fought hard to keep up with your tenacious spirit. Your strength, gifted doctors and the faith of loved ones, pulled you through. You were here to stay.

Most of us, it takes years, if at all, for us to truly appreciate our lives. Often, a near miss, a test of faith will shake us into gratitude. Yet, you, at just three have already found that gratitude. You have lived through what I can only imagine was a terrifying event, and came out strong and brave. You were ready to seize life and go forth full of hope and awe. Your spirit is bright.

No, you are not always happy, because nobody is happy all the time. You have your grumpy moods and whiny tantrums. You are headed into the threes, which are rough and exhausting. But, your temperament is positive and full of hope. You see the world with wonder, delight and the courage to face any adversity.

As you leap (often literally) at the chance to satiate your curiosity, please be cautious. Your Aries-minded ways often means you take in challenges without assessing the risks. It’s ok to pause, reflect and go forward safely. (I’m not sure how many more close calls I can handle!) If you do, I know you will be wildly successful, because you will not stop until you catch every dream.

Three is an exciting age. Your language treasury is brimming with new words, and you are asserting your independence in new ways. Of course, this often means you throwing a fit because you have to do everything yourself, and we don’t always have time for you to put on your own shoes or buckle your own carseat. Yes, three can be frustrating and wonderful all at once.


You might think, because you have an older brother, I know exactly what to expect in the coming year. But, you two are so different, its like starting from scratch with each year. Sure, I have things to watch out for, and maybe I’ll be a better mom to you because of what I learned with your brother, but I know there’s a lot more to discover through you.

I hope this year will be bursting with joy. I hope the world continues to fill you with wonder and delight. I also want you to know sometimes life will be hard for you. You won’t always get what you want. You will stumble, and you will get hurt. No matter what happens, know you are surrounded by love.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy, my courageous child, my marvelous miracle. You are my eternal blessing.





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