A message to the class of 2018, from a 2030 parent

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Dear seniors,

Hard to believe in just a few short months you will be done with high school and embarking on your next journey. You studied hard, you passed your classes, you did it! Perhaps you created senior announcements, letting the world know your off to college, or to the Peace Corps or to travel the world. You have a lifetime of adventures waiting for you to take the first step.

I still remember my graduation, (yes, it was in this century!), and I am still so grateful for my parents, teachers, friends, tutors and many more who helped me receive my diploma. I may have been a good student, but not every aspect of school came easily to me. I had my struggles, as many of you probably do. We all know the teen years can be hell, and high school a daunting undertaking. You can’t do it alone. If I were in high school now, I imagine, I might hand out  thank you cards for graduation, to show everyone just how much I appreciate their love and support.


And, speaking of love and support, I imagine many of you are thinking of the people who raised you. The people who got you through that first day of Kindergarten. The mom who held your hand as she walked you into your classroom for the first time, or the dad who waved to you as you stepped onto the school bus. Speaking as a parent, who sent her firstborn off to Kindergarten this past fall, those moments will be forever ingrained in our hearts. When my son, G-d-willing, walks down the aisle at his high school graduation in 2030, my heart will be full of memories and joy.

Some day, you may be in my shoes, raising a family and guiding your children on the path to academic success. Your kids will face hard moments, as I am sure you have, and you may wonder if they will be OK. But, you are still a long way from there. You are still writing your own stories, and choosing your own destinies. You are the voice of your own song.


A Kindergarten Mom

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