Play in the rain

Rainy days were awesome at summer camp. We put on our least favorite clothing (hopefully for our parents’ sake),  find an open space in the middle of the field and plunge on to our bellies. Sliding through the mud we didn’t care how wet and filthy we became. We were kids having fun.

I’m guessing you have a similar story from your childhood. Remember how amazing stomping in puddles felt? The sound of the splashing water. The squishy sensation of your boats. The smell of rain.

Something happens when we get older. Rain no longer brings us the same joy. Rain is something we deal with. We dash across streets with cheap umbrellas barely keeping us dry. We hover by windows waiting for a break in the storm. We hurry our kids indoors at the first sign of rain drops.

Our kids don’t want to rush to get out of the rain. They want to soak up (pun intended) of the experience. Let them.

Let them get wet and messy and muddy. Let them stomp in puddles and dig in the mud. Let them pick up worms and taste rain on their tongues.

Dress your kids for playing in wet weather. Often, I see parents shewing their kids away from streams and puddles, afraid their children will end up with soggy shoes and clothing. Invest in a pair of waterproof pants. I love the ones by Celavi (pictured above), which are available at (I am still searching for the perfect rain boots, so if you have a suggestion, please comment below!) While you are at it, invest in gear for yourself. Don’t let inappropriate clothing stop you from enjoying the rain with your children.

If your rainy play takes you beyond your backyard, be sure to pack extra dry clothes, because, even the best gear may not keep your kids fully dry. But, if for some reason you forget, chances are, your kids won’t mind. I have gone on long hikes with my kids with nary a complaint, only to find them soaked once I took all of their stuff off.

April is almost here, bringing tons of wet weather. Don’t wait for May to go out and play.





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