5 reasons why you need clear knee mom jeans

I’ve never been much of a trendsetter. And I’m certainly not keeping up with what’s on fleek now that I am a mom. Every once in awhile, though, something so awesome comes along to stop me right in my yoga pants.

Enter the “Clear Knee Mom Jeans” from Topshop.

Now, you may wonder why you should spend your hard-earned money on a pair of pants with holes covered by the same material your grandmother uses to protect her sofa, but, rest assured, this is $95 well spent.


Photo Credit: Nordstrom.com

Here are five reasons you need these pants in your life.

1. Cleaning up after your kids. No longer do your knees have to suffer the sting of being jabbed by one of your tot’s Legos. These pants offer the kind of industrial protection you need for tidying up any playroom.

2. Chasing little ones around rusty playgrounds. We’ve all been there. Gone are the days of choosing between crawling around the jungle gym and a guaranteed tetanus shot.

3. At least tiny portion of your clothes will remain stain free. Next time your toddler chucks a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs at you, because, like an idiot, you served it in the wrong colored bowl, rest assured knowing your knees are good to go with the swipe of a baby wipe.

4. Showing off your sexy knee caps. Sure, pregnancy might have left you covered in stretch marks and with an ass that could make JLo jealous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show ‘em a little leg, err, I mean knee. Go get ‘em, you sexy bitch.

5. They are the perfect thing to use your “mom brain” excuse for. When people stare at you in these and wonder, what sane person would buy these things, just tell them you have kids and they’ll understand. Lack of sleep can really cloud one’s judgement.

The jeans are on sale now at Nordstrom. We are living in truly amazing times!

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