4 Surprising benefits of raising a toddler while pregnant

Any woman who has been pregnant while also caring for a child under the age of three, can tell you how difficult it can be. I won’t sugar-coat it; it does suck. However, there are some pluses to sporting a baby bump while dealing with a toddler.

1. You are unfazed by bodily fluids Dealing with newborn blowouts is nothing compared with cleaning up after a toddler who thinks poop makes an excellent choice for wall art. Meconium? Don’t make me laugh.

2. You are use to disrupted sleep. Whether he has a nightmare, wants something to drink, or simply thinks bedtime is for losers, there are countless reasons why your toddler will keep you up at night. Once that newborn arrives, surviving on less than eight hours of sleep a night will be easy.

3. You have a snack buddy. For many pregnant women, eating small meals throughout the day is better than eating three big ones. Not to worry, your toddler can match you calorie for calorie. You will soon wonder who is going to clear out the fridge first.

4. You live in the moment. Toddlers are demanding, making dwelling on your pregnancy almost impossible. When your two-year-old is pulling you in different directions, it’s hard to sit and worry about what will be. Just enjoy the beautiful chaos of the moment.

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