Should you replace your petroleum jelly with Waxelene?

Like many Americans, petroleum jelly, or as you may know it by its most popular brand name, Vaseline, was a staple in my childhood home. The gooey, greasy, slippery product was a sought-after tool for curing everything from an irritated nose during a cold to healing chapped lips.

As an adult, I continued to use petroleum jelly, finding it helped me with a number of beauty and personal care needs. However, I always felt a bit disturbed by how petroleum jelly gets made, and wondered if this was really the best option for mine and my family’s health.

I was intrigued when I was offered a chance to try out Waxelene, an all-natural, organic alternative to petroleum jelly.

9oz jar of Waxelene

Before I continue, I will note that I have never personally experienced any adverse affects from using petroleum jelly, nor I can I offer any substantiated claims to suggest anyone would be harmed by continuing to use it. This post is meant to give readers insight into an alternative product, which may align more with their needs and preferences. I encourage you to do your own research and make choices that are best for you.

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My first impression of Waxelene was that the texture is thicker and creamier than petroleum jelly. The product also felt a bit grainy and waxy in my fingers, which makes sense as beeswax is a main ingredient. Once applied and smoothed over my skin, however, the product felt smooth and light.

I have dry skin, so I appreciate the rich, moisturized feeling I get from Waxelene. I can really feel the natural oils penetrating my skin. I have been using this product about two times per day on my face, since I got it, and I feel my skin is retaining moisture better and has that more “dewy” look. For those with oilier skin, I would speak with a dermatologist to see if an oil-based product is right for you.

Waxelene has also proven to be a useful beauty tool. I was using petroleum jelly as a makeup remover, and was curious if Waxelene could do the same job. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily my makeup came off with just a small amount of product. I also appreciated that this method didn’t irritate my eyes like other makeup removers.

Waxelene removed my eye makeup with ease.

Speaking of makeup, I read Waxelene could be used as a primer and help maintain your look. The other day I applied Waxelene before putting on makeup, and was out on a hot summer day for a few hours without an opportunity to touch up. My makeup was OK, not perfect, and I can’t say for sure if the Waxelene helped or not. This is something I would want to explore further with different makeup to see if, say, Waxelene works better with powdered vs. liquid products or vice versa.

Waxelene is a premium product and the price point reflects the quality of its ingredients. When compared to petroleum jelly, this may at first seem like an overpriced indulgence. However, when you consider how far just a small amount of Waxelene goes, the product becomes a sound investment and a must-have in your medicine cabinet.

You can purchase Waxelene directly from the manufacturer for $49.99, or via Amazon and other select retailers.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a product sample in exchange for a possible review. All views expressed are my own.

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