Tech-free player helps kids relax and reset

My oldest is a highly sensitive child, who feels his emotions with deep intensity. When he is happy, he is exuberant, when he is sad, he is distraught, and, when, he is angry, he is furious.

My youngest is a go-go-go type of child. His mind is always wandering, he is easily distracted, and he often has trouble calming down and focusing on what he needs to do.

For both of my kids, I have found helping them be more mindful of their bodies, their breathing and their feelings, has made handling some of the more challenging moments of parenting much easier.

When either of my children are inconsolable, I often sit with them and breathe with them until they are calm enough to talk about what is wrong and work on a solution.

I am always looking for tools to assist me in encouraging my children to learn how to regulate emotion, and for helping them get into the right mindset for sleep.

Image Provided by Morphée

When I was offered a My Little Morphée player for review, I was intrigued to try the product, which, unlike other meditation and sleep aid, was screen and ad-free.

My children and I sat down with our My Little Morphée player, and chose our preferred language, American English. (Other language options include British English, Spanish and German). Once, we had our language set, we followed the instructions to create a guided meditation, by choosing a character and a setting.

Since receiving the My Little Morphée player, my oldest has used the device to reset after getting angry, and my youngest has enjoyed the music options to help him fall asleep.

I love how I can turn on our My Little Morphée and feel good knowing my children are getting expertly crafted meditations, as relaxing sounds and music, all without the need to download an app or connect to a device.

In a time where so many mindfulness tools depend on a tech connection, I am grateful there is a product for children that is screen free.

Though priced at $99.99, My Little Morphée is far from the least expensive mindfulness product on the market, I believe the cost is worth the price of having a tool that is low-tech and ad free.

The My Little Morphée is perfect for families who:

  • are looking for tech-free ways to encourage healthy sleep habits in their children;
  • have a child or children who need assistance in regulating emotion, such as those with sensory processing disorder or who are on the Autism spectrum;
  • have a child or children with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder who need help calming down and focusing on tasks,
  • just want a quality device to promote mindfulness in the home.

My Little Morphée is available at, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Disclosure: I was provided with a free sample of the above product for review. All views expressed are my own.

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