Creative ways to connect this Valentine’s Day

When my husband and I first got together, Valentine’s Day meant spending an evening out at a fancy restaurant. As we have gotten older, and have added kids to the mix, February 14th is more often celebrated at home with a meal we cooked ourselves and watching a favorite movie or T.V. show.

While going out for dinner is a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day, you may want to mix things up a bit this year.

Read on for some creative ways to connect this Valentine’s Day.

Do Something Outdoors Together

My husband and I spent the day skiing together at our local mountain, and I loved how we were able to connect with one another and to nature. If skiing isn’t your thing, or not feasible, try skating at an outdoor ice rink, or just go on a long walk together. When you get home, enjoy some hot chocolate or cider together, or grab some at a nearby cafe.

Go Shopping

I know many women in heterosexual relationships will groan that this is not something their partners would want to do. I think this is because, we think of a shopping excursion as something focused only on what the woman is interested in. However, at least in my experience, I have found men can enjoy shopping as much as women, if they are going to a store that interests them.

While you can shop for necessities any time, Valentine’s Day could be used to focus on items that will enhance your connection. You can visit a lingerie store to pick out items that appeal to you and your partner, a fragrance shop to find scents that inspire, and even a shop like Spencer’s for more “naughty” gifts. Of course, if COVID or general comfort leads you to want to stay home, there is nothing wrong with shopping online together.

Treat Your Partner To A Massage

I know massage is often code for sex, so set some boundaries first, and let your partner know you want to focus on helping them relax. Michelle Grewe of offered this technique for massaging your partner.

Using a technique she learned from her own massage therapist, Michelle suggests having your partner lay on their back, while you reach under and locate the spine. Using your hand, put pressure next to the spine and pull outward toward yourself. Michelle notes having your partner on their back allows you to work with their weight to apply pressure. You can use oils or lotions to add to the experience.

Take A Cooking Class

My husband and I took a cooking class together when we were still dating, and I still have fond memories of learning to make polenta and other Northern Italian cuisine together.

Today, you don’t even need to leave your home to learn how to cook something from a trained chef. There are many virtual classes available, and, if you want, you could even follow along with someone on YouTube.

(Note: If cooking isn’t your thing, try a painting, sculpting, or other creative class together).

Play Some Games

I find game to be a great way to engage with others, and this includes my husband. Whereas watching a movie can be a bit passive, playing a board game, cards or even doing a puzzle together allows you to be connected and present.

If friendly competition gets you fired up, try a few rounds of Black Jack (perhaps with some “naughty” wagers), or if you are more into cooperative play, an at-home “Escape Room” mystery might be fun to solve together.

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day this year, I hope you have a meaningful, fun and special time with your person.

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