5 simple ways to enjoy a fun, safe family vacation

By Joyce Wilson

Family vacations during school breaks are always something to look forward to and can still be enjoyed even in the era of COVID-19. Thankfully, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise domestic travel is safe for fully vaccinated individuals who wear a mask in public. If your children are too young for the vaccine, the CDC recommends you limit your travel to a short road trip to a location with outdoor activities that allow for social distancing.

Read on for ways to enjoy vacationing with your family in these unique times.

Camp in the Great Outdoors

Pack your car with all the camping essentials and pitch a tent in the great outdoors. Staying in a national or state park provides you with a spacious campsite and plenty of open areas for your kids to play in. During the day, do hikes in the wilderness, boating on a lake, bicycling around the park or fishing. At night, enjoy storytime around the campfire, a round of s’mores or simply gazing at a sky full of stars.

Hit The Road In An RV

The sales of recreational vehicles have exploded since COVID-19 as families look for a safe way to travel. An RV provides your family with sleeping quarters, dining space, a kitchen and a bathroom for your family’s use only. Park your RV at a local campground to explore the area, or plan to visit a few locations for a touch of variety. Since RV travel is so popular now, make all your campsite reservations before you leave home.

Book A Cozy Cabin

Select a scenic location within driving distance of your home and book a cozy cabin for your family. Look for places off the beaten path, such as smaller towns or remote rural settings. Staying by a lake gives you lots of water sports to enjoy during the day. Mountain cabins provide great hikes and bike rides while everyone enjoys the scenic views. For quieter times, encourage everyone to read a book and cherish the quiet of the countryside.

Stay In A Vacation Home Rental

Vacation homes are a safe place to travel as long as only your family will be staying there. Before booking your reservation, ask about the cleaning procedures of the home, the cancellation policy and any closures and restrictions in the area. Consider bringing your own linens for your family’s use. Plan on having fun outdoors and away from crowds as much as possible.

Enjoy A Staycation

The safest place to be during the pandemic is in your own home and town. While it can be stressful to have your children at home day in and day out, having pre-planned activities makes it easier and more fun for everyone. With a bit of planning, you can come up with a week of fun staycation activities for everyone to enjoy, such as:

  • Camping in your backyard
  • Watching a movie at the local drive-in
  • Picnicking at a local park
  • Bicycling around your neighborhood
  • Baking cookies
  • Holding a family talent show
  • Binging favorite movies
  • Doing crafts together

You don’t have to let COVID-19 keep your family from enjoying a school break vacation. Any one of these choices gives you a safe option to enjoy family time together, making lasting memories.

 Joyce Wilson is a retired teacher and enjoys sharing lesson plans, resources, and teaching tips on Teacher Spark. She believes knowledge is the key to a more successful and fruitful life. 

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