New e-book makes giving a family affair

Donating to a favorite cause, volunteering in our communities, providing items for those in need, are just a few of the ways philanthropy helps our families engage in the spirit of kindness and giving back.

Generosity For Every Season: A Family-Friendly Guide To Giving is a new e-book that turns the concepts of philanthropy, charity, and generosity into tangible, kid-friendly crafts and activities for the whole family.

Divided into four, seasonal sections, this guide can be used to plan out a year’s worth of philanthropic efforts, or as something to turn to whenever your family is looking to give back.

The included crafts and activities are designed to be accessible for as many families as possible, and may be used as inspiration for your own charitable ideas.

As this guide was created with kids in mind, we included fun and whimsical coloring pages, colorful “giving notes,” to encourage kindness, and more to help you foster a culture of generosity in your home.

When you purchase a copy of Generosity For Every Season, you gain access to:

  • Seasonal guide to create traditions of philanthropy
  • 7 printable coloring pages to inspire and encourage generosity
  • Scavenger Hunt Checklist (that can be personalized and printed)
  • Crafts and activities (easy to follow directions and supply list included) 
  • Giving Notes to print and share with your family and friends
  • Suggested nonprofit list to spark your interest in philanthropy
  • Charity worksheet to help your track your impact and learn more about nonprofits with your family
  • Curated music playlist to provide inspiration for your kids

Download your copy of Generosity For Every Season: A Family-Friendly Guide To Giving, and make philanthropy a family affair.

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