The best Super Bowl LV ads (according to my third-grader)

The Super Bowl had some football, which, I guess, was sort of cool. But, we all know why everyone watches “The Big Game” — the commercials, of course!

While watching with my family, I asked my oldest (age 8) to let me know which Super Bowl ads he found particularly entertaining. Generally, snack food commercials were the most liked, however, I was surprised by some of the others that appealed to him, especially because they had some “adult” humor. I guess you never know what will a kid will find funny.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my third-grader’s top Super Bowl commercial picks.

M&M’s “Come Together”

While this one definitely has adult appeal, my son enjoyed the visual representation of some of life’s mishaps. Plus who doesn’t love Dan Levy?

DoorDash “The Neighborhood”

I chalk this one up to nostalgia and the fact that Daveed Diggs is amazing. My son absolutely loved “Puppy For Hannukah,” Diggs’ latest holiday bop.

Doritos 3D “Flat Matthew”

I think the bizareness of this ad is what my son liked most. That and he loves Doritos.

Pringles “Flavor Stacking Space Return”

My son adores Pringles, so in his eyes, this company can do no wrong, even if it is oddly obsessed with this “flavor stacking” thing.

E*Trade “Workout

My husband I personally loved the 80s-film-inspired workout montage, and so did our son.

Paramount+ “Expedition

Technically this was a bunch of commercials for Paramount’s move to streaming, but the line about “cracks,” courtesy of Beavis and Butthead is what earned this ad a spot on my son’s list.

Tide “The Jason Alexander Hoodie

My son has yet to watch “Seinfeld” and has no clue who Jason Alexander is, but he does know funny, and this was probably the best of the night.

Vroom “Dealership Pain”

Maybe my son likes seeing adults getting tortured?

CURE Auto Insurance “Whip It Out”

Subtle penis humor aside, my son actually liked this one, even if I didn’t “get” the innuendo.

My son went to bed shortly after the Halftime Show, so there may have been some later ads he would have liked. Perhaps, we will check them out another time and update this list.

What were your favorite Super Bowl ads?

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