Socially-distant summer activities with PJ Library printable

Summer is in full swing, and Americans have accepted that this season will unlike any other in recent history. Many of our favorite summer spots are closed, or running with limited capacity, and health concerns have left many families wary of venturing too far beyond their homes.

With limited and restricted options for entertainment, you may wonder what to do with kids all day. Afterall, bored kids can be the worst.

A little resourcefulness and creativity can turn those bored days into memorable ones. Read on for some ideas to try with your family.

Excavate Ice For Dinosaurs

Fill a plastic container with toy dinosaurs (or other small toys), cover with water, freeze, and you got a fun activity for the kids. Encourage them to try different techniques to get through the ice. As mine have learned, hammers may work the fastest, but they can damage the toys. We also experimented with salt, hot water and chisel.

Go On A Treasure Hunt

Grab some coins and small toys you have lying around the house, place them in individual baggies or plastic egg containers, hide them around your home or property, and let the kids seek them out. I have done this with toys we already have, and that hasn’t mattered. The fun is in the hunt!

Bake/Cook A New Recipe

Quarantining has turned everyone into an amateur chef. And, while, we may be able to venture a bit further out these days, baking and cooking is still an enjoyable way to spend time with the kids. Simple recipes like chocolate chip cookies are great for kids, and most children will enjoy the tactile experience of making their own pizzas.

Garden Or Explore Nature In Your Neighborhood

I am the opposite of a green thumb, I don’t think I have met a plant I could keep alive. Still, I know gardening can be a very fun, and rewarding experience for families. Though, my own attempts have yet to be successful, don’t let that discourage you.

If you aren’t much of a gardener, take the time to explore the plants and wildlife in your yard and neighborhood. Go on a hunt for edible weeds, or do some bird watching. Any way you choose to engage in nature is great.

Have A Water Gun Fight

Staying cool can be as easy as a simple water gun fight. You don’t need anything fancy, just simple water shooters will do. Fill up some buckets for easy refilling, and you are all set.

Play Backyard Games

Playing lawn games, from badminton to bean bag toss, are a fun, active way to enjoy time together has a family. Mine recently got into croquet and disc golf. What you can do may depend on the size and availability of outdoor space, but many activities can be adapted for the indoors.

Paint With Produce

Got some fruits and vegetables on their last legs? Before you toss them, grab some paint and paper, and let the kids use lemon slices, onions, carrots, etc., to create unique textures and designs.

Check Out PJ Library For More Fun Ideas

PJ Library, your home for fantastic Jewish stories, music, and more, has lots of ideas for socially-distant fun. While you are checking those out, be sure to sign up for PJ Library‘s free — yes, free — program, which delivers curated, age appropriate Jewish-themed books to kids.

For even more fun, click the image below for a free printable of ideas to celebrate Judaism and summer.

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Summer may be unlike any other, but we will get through it, with a little creativity, patience, and imagination.

Disclaimer: As a PJ Library influencer, I am compensated for promoting this program. All opinions expressed are my own.

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