Spark the kids’ creativity with The Story Pirates Creator Club

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit much of the activities many Americans can do as a family. And with many summer camps cancelled, schools closed or closing, parents are left wondering what to do with their kids all summer.

In between hiking and playing with the sprinkler, why not let your kids exercise their creative muscle with the Story Pirates.

The Story Pirates are a hilarious troupe of comedians, musicians, authors and teachers who produce content that honors the creativity and ingenuity of children. The widely popular Story Pirates podcast, takes stories written by kids and turns them into songs and sketches with the help of special guests including Billy Eichner, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dax Shepard, Bowen Yang, Claire Danes, John Oliver, and Lake Bell.


My own kids just submitted their own story to The Story Pirates, and are eagerly awaiting to hear back. I mean, who wanted to hear a story about a dog, cat and sloth driving themselves to the vet, but I digress. Even if their story doesn’t get accepted, the process allowed them to excercise their creative muscle.

The Story Pirates takes this even further with their Creator Club, a subscription service, featuring activities, live streamed classes, a daily radio show, and more to entertain and inspire kids to create their own unique stories. Though aimed at kids in the 6 through 12 age group, the Creator Club can be enjoyed by both younger and older children.

I believe your family will have lots of fun creating with The Story Pirates, so I am pleased to offer an exclusive, “friends and family” discount code just for you readers!

All you have to do is go here, click on the “monthly membership” option and enter the code: SPFriend at checkout.

Again, that code is SPFriend.

The code will give you two months of the Creator Club membership for free.

Yes, for FREE!

After those two months are up, you may continue with your monthly subscription or cancel if desired.

“I have two young girls at home, and they are learning and playing with screens more than ever right now, “ says Story Pirates CEO Benjamin Salka. “In many cities, schools are not reopening this year, and summer looms. Parents want to feel confident that the online content kids are engaging with is safe, educator-approved and enriching—and kids just want to know it’s fun. We think that our Creator Club offers the perfect mix.”

While you’re checking out the Creator Club, you may want to consider the
Story Pirates Creator Camp, an organized program featuring virtual classes, activities with other campers and time for independent projects.

Those who register for the Creator Camp will receive two months of the Creator Club (no code needed).
Please, note the Creator Club discount code provided cannot be applied to the Creator Camp registration.

Creator Camp is meant for kids of all ages but most appropriate for ages 5-11. Campers will be split into small groups based on their age after registration closes.

Disclaimer: In exchange for access to this service, I am promoting this program, all views expressed are my own.

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