If moms were on “The Circle”

A little late to the party, I know, but I’m finally watching “The Circle” on Netflix, and I am hooked.

For the unfamiliar, “The Circle” is reality competition, which pits together a bunch of millenials in an attempt to see who’s the savviest social-media master. Contestants live in a giant apartment complex with no access to the other players, save for communication via a portal known as the “circle.” Each contestant can play as any persona they wish, whether themselves or someone completely fictional, and share photos and videos, as well as text chat.

With the players mostly being young and single, you can imagine many of the chats go in a flirtatious or even sexual direction, and of course there’s lots of scheming and backstabbing.

As I was watching the show, I wondered how I would fare in such a competition. I am a married mom of two, so I probably wouldn’t get far playing the “sexy” card.

This got me thinking: what would “The Circle” be like if it was all moms in the competition?


Now, let’s be honest, if you’re a mom, you are probably living some version of “The Circle” right now. How many of us spend way too much time in various parenting groups, trying not to punch our screens when we read stupid comments? Or is it just me?

If they ever made a mom version of “The Circle,” they’d have people lining up to be on this show. A bunch of days alone in your own apartment, and nobody allowed to bother you?

Where do I sign?

Not sure it would be quite the smash hit as the real version, but it’s fun to fantasize.

I imagine an all-mom version of “The Circle” would include a few genuine moms.

Maybe, one is “Denise,” a 35-year-old living in New York City with her husband and five-year-old son. She works in graphic design, and wishes she had more time to connect with her kid.

Perhaps another is “Jill” from Atlanta. A proud mom to three girls, she works from home, and believes no moment should be wasted.

Another could be “Cate” from Portland, Oregon, who is a stay-at-home mom of two and homesteader.

Through “The Circle” moms would chat about how exhausting motherhood can be, compete over who has the best hashtags for pictures of kids’ destroying houses, and form alliances over shared puke horror stories.

It wouldn’t be “The Circle” without some catfishing, so one contestant would be playing the role of “Karen,” a vegan, anti-vaxxer from Southern California who is living her best life and is a proud purveyor of essential oils. Karen loves to stir the pot, and is generally despised by the other players.

However, “Karen” is playing the long game, and they know just how to manipulate and pit the other moms against one another to stay in the competition.

“Karen” is really Joe from Houston. Joe doesn’t have kids.

Would you ever be on a show like “The Circle?” Would you be yourself, or someone else? Sound off in the comments!




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