Put down the screaming toddler, and pick up this book

Moby Dick, Crime and PunishmentThe Catcher in the Rye, these are just a few of the many books that speak so boldly to the human experience. The anguish, the despair — the general disdain and confusion for humanity — are all laid out for the reader’s consumption.

Yet, no piece of literature has so perfectly captured the essence of toddlerhood …

until now.

Silence Is A Scary Sound, the latest release from Clint Edwards, the hilarious person behind the beloved blog, No Idea What I’m Doing, is an honest, humorous and heartfelt depiction of the pure wonder and insanity that is raising two and three-year-olds.

If you are in this stage of parenthood, you probably don’t have much time to read, but if you do manage to pry yourself away from those sticky toddler fingers, do yourself a favor, and lock yourself in a room and read this book. You will laugh and nod along in solidarity as you read Clint’s tales of potty-training mishaps, public tantrums, and trying to balance work, marriage and family.


If you haven’t yet entered the toddler years, this book will serve as a truthful take on what’s to come. Clint doesn’t hold back when it comes to how hard this phase of parenting can be. Will you be frightened? Maybe? Will it make you regret having kids? Perhaps a bit. But, you will also see just how incredible this upcoming stage really is. From the special gifts only a toddler can get away with giving, to those tender moments between parent and child, this book has them all.

Readers familiar with Clint’s work will recognize his signature mix of humor — often at his own expense — honesty, and heart. How he manages to turn stories of diarrhea, snot, pee and other bodily fluids into poetic lessons is a mystery; yet in this book he does it over and over.

Parents, do yourself a favor and pick up this book. Drag your toddlers with you to the book store, if you have to. Or better yet, order it online, and save yourself the hassle.

Silence Is A Scary Sound will not teach you how to be a better a parent to your toddlers, instead it will help you find the joy and humor in the parent you already are, and let you know, you are far from alone.

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