Dynamic mother/daughter team deliver thoughtful insights via new parenting podcast

Like many relatively new moms, I turn to more experienced mothers for advice and comfort. For me, there is nobody better than my own mom. Our phone calls often morph into intense discussions on parenthood, with my mother sharing her strong opinions on how kids are raised today.

Dynamic Mother_Daughter Team Deliver Thoughtful Insights via New Parenting Podcast

Who better than my mom to join forces with for an exciting new new podcast dedicated to bringing humorous, insightful and heartfelt content to parents everywhere?

“Mom Around The Corner” will examine a variety of parenting issues through the eyes of a baby boomer mom and a millenial mom. Each episode is like eavesdropping on one of the many candid conversations between myself and my mother. Always unfiltered, often heated and always keeping it real, we hope to give our listeners a broad range of perspectives on everything from childbirth to discipline.

In our premiere episode, we talk about all things pregnancy, labor and delivery. How was my experience different from my mom? Who was more prepared for childbirth? Did they have prenatal yoga in the 1980s?

Listen to find out.

Mom Around The Corner is available on the following platforms:


Google Podcasts



I will update this post as the podcast becomes available on other channels.

Keep following this blog as well as my social channels for updates on new episodes as they come out. Future topics include: our attempt to answer which generation had it easier in terms of parenting and how much should we as a society be involved in the lives of children.

My mom and I are always searching for interesting topics to discuss on our podcast. Please feel free to make any suggestions in the comments below.

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