Maybe I’ll Shower Today’s best memes (so far)


I love sharing my thoughts here on the blog. Writing is my passion, and I am so glad to have you as a reader. As you may also know, I run a Facebook page, where I share tons of memes. They are inspired by my children, who give me great material to work with, as well as my daily life as a mom.

I have gathered some of my favorites, and if you are not following me already, I hope these will do the trick.

  1. Can we just get out of the house, already?


2. How I’m feeling right now.

3. How I’ll feel in a few months.

4. Every time.

5. See number 4.

6. It will be here soon!

7. That cape isn’t gonna wash itself.

8. Toddler life.

9. One of my early memes, and still a favorite.

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