Thank you, class parents

Every class has one, or maybe two. They are the moms or dads who remind you of special events or nudge you about getting your money in for the class gift. They organize email lists and volunteer schedules. They do the grunt work so we all can shine.

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They are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly keeping track of the details, so the rest of us, who barely remember what day our kids have gym, can look like competent caretakers of our little ones.

If you knew me back in the day, you’d probably think I would grow up to be a great class parent. I held a senior position on the regional board of my youth group in high school, and was president of my sorority in college. Juggling important dates and keeping others in line was my jam. And, no matter what I took on, I always found room on my plate for more.

Then, I had kids, and my plate was full. I can squeeze in a few things here and there, but, mostly my brain is occupied by my family. So, when I see how much my class parent has to take on, I am both impressed, and wish she would share her magical ways.

These class parents do it all with grace and a smile. They keep their cool, when too many families show up to an event without RSVPing first. They don’t judge when you have to miss yet another day of volunteering. They are moms and dads first, and they get it.

On behalf of all parents of school-age children, I say thank you.

Thank you for stepping up at the beginning of the year.

Thank you for the weekly emails and updated calendars.

Thank you for your patience with those of us who might be a bit frazzled.

Thank you for your research into teacher gifts, class trips and more.

Thank you for helping us make our kids shine.

While, I’m thanking the class parents, let me recognize the moms and dads who make up our Parent Teacher Association. Without you, we would go without book fairs, school carnivals, talent shows and more. You do so much to make school a special place for all of our children.

We all know the old adage: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it also takes a village to educate one. From the volunteers in the classroom, to the president of the PTA, your work makes school a better experience for all of us.

The school year is winding down and soon the kids will burst through the doors, off to begin their summer vacation. But, just like so many of our teachers and educators continue to serve our students, I know there will be parents, like you, who remain committed to ensuring a fantastic year is ahead.

Please, give yourself a well-deserved break. That email can wait until August.

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