Looking back and gazing forward

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I had a few ideas for how I would close out this year. I thought about piecing together, what I think, would have been a strong post, pushing my page views up a bit more to round out my year with some solid numbers. Or maybe, one more silly piece, since my writing has been a bit more serious/sentimental lately, and I want to mix things up. Perhaps, I would finally complete one of the gajillion drafts I have sitting around, waiting to be published.

None of that felt right. As this time of year has me thinking about all that has happened, I realize how grateful I am. I hesitate to put a definitive word on the year, as it is still not over, but I can at least say that, up until this point, 2017 was an amazing year for “Maybe I’ll Shower Today.”

In 2017, I posted by highest viewed post of all time, a short piece on a school birthday policy, showing compassion for children with food allergies is alive and well. I recognize the views, shares, tweets and likes, which helped spread this important message.

This year, I finally crossed the one thousand like threshold on my Facebook page. A feat, which I know is not so impressive, considering many large followings are built in far shorter time frames. For me, though, this page is a labor of love, and I am proud of the community we are building together. And if you are enjoying my Facebook page, please consider following me on Twitter, where I share parenting stuff, but also branch out to more broader political and personal topics, and Instagram, for cute photos of my kids and lots of positive inspiration.

In 2017, my words found new homes on two wonderful places, Her View From Home and Perfection Pending. Both of these sites are run by fabulous women and spread the wonderful message that us parents are not alone, that we all share great ups and terrible downs. I am honored to be a part of their communities.

This past year, I dipped my toe into the waters of book writing, by being a part of an anthology for boy moms. Available now, The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Life With Boys: Hilarious & Heartwarming Stories About Raising Boys From The Boymom Squad (Volume 1), is a fantastic collection of essays compiled by Tiffany O’Connor and Lyndee Brown of #LifeWithBoys.

I was so fortunate that in 2017, I got to make real life connections with some of my favorite bloggers/influencers. And those who I have yet to meet, I am happy to build our friendships in the virtual space, and hope we will find one another in the “real world” soon.

My resolutions are an ever evolving list of attainable tasks and wild pipe dreams. I have visions of large followings, but the micro goal of just reaching 2,000 Facebook likes by January. I hope to build my confidence on camera and maybe expand to other media. I dream of collaborating with other bloggers both large and small, and of creating meaningful content.

I am so thankful for everyone who has ever read an article I wrote, shared a meme, liked a tweet or commented on an Instagram post.

Here’s to 2018!

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