A tale of Ivanka Trump and kosher weddings

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the special connection I felt with Hillary Clinton, and ended the post with a comment on how I have a Trump story.

Well, more specifically, an Ivanka Trump story.

I was going to post something else today, but, since it happens to be my anniversary, and this story relates to my wedding, I can’t think of a better time to share how Ivanka and I will forever be linked. So, I guess, today, is another anniversary. Where’s my gift Ivanka?


Anyway. My story begins in the offices of a lovely, conservative synagogue in Westchester County New York. My fiance and I are sitting across the desk of the catering manager. Behind him are displays of a notable New York, high society couple: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Ivanka and Jared married on October 25, 2009 — a little less than a year prior to when I would marry my husband. At the time, Ivanka Trump was still a darling of the NYC social scene, and her marriage was a big deal, “huge,” to quote her father. Every detail from the dress to the photography was no doubt chosen with the aim to impress and wow.

And, that certainly included the food.

Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism and, alongside her husband, became what some would call modern orthodox. Her new religious affiliation now meant she observed the dietary laws of the Jewish faith, and, as such, her wedding had to be kosher.

The New York area has several kosher caterers, and the Trump family could have used any one of them. For some reason, they happened to choose the very same caterer whose manager sat in front of us that fateful afternoon.

I still don’t know what Ivanka and Jared served at their wedding. All I remember is thinking, if this caterer is good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

Now, our budget was slightly (ok majorly) lower than the Trump/Kushner clan. I am pretty sure they had a super secret menu designed just for them. However, I know our wedding food was just as awesome, maybe even better, because it exceeded expectations.

When you have a kosher wedding, the pressure is on. Jews and non-Jews alike have their opinions about kosher fare, and, often, its not good. Boring, bland and unsophisticated often come to mind. Many wonder how a diet with so many restrictions could ever amount to anything memorable.

Our wedding had a large number of guests who had never been to a kosher event. I felt a lot of pressure to deliver good food. I didn’t want to be the one kosher wedding that ruined it for everyone else.

Well, our wedding food wasn’t just good. It was incredible. Or, so I have been told. I barely ate at my wedding. What I did have was delicious, I was just having to much fun to eat. But, everyone else ate, and they loved it.

I know this, because, years after our wedding, our guests still talk about the food.

And good food, means happy guests, and happy guests mean a great wedding. And, it really was a great wedding.

When, I think back on that day, seven years ago, I smile from the joy it brings me.

So, I guess, I can thank Ivanka Trump for that. She does have good taste in some things.


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  1. Kelly siech

    I totally remember our dj at our wedding brining is a plate of food and said “if you don’t eat now, you won’t eat at all”. Such the truth! So is, good food equals happy people.


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