Randi Zuckerberg inspires future leaders with “Missy President”



Could a homework assignment lead you straight to the White House? Randi Zuckerberg explores the idea in her latest book, Missy President.

When Missy is tasked with sharing what she would do as President of the United States, she has no idea her answer would inspire a country and catapult to her to the center of national politics. With the help of a can-do spirit, and a tech-savvy big sister, Missy’s homework assignment goes viral, bringing on new found fame and maybe even a career in politics.

Missy President is a wonderful way to introduce young readers to politics and initiate conversations on what they want for our county. The fun plot is perfect for elementary-age students who are exploring their first chapter books and developing broader interests. Written with no bias toward any party or ideology, the book delivers an uplifting message of hope and unity, while encouraging kids to dream big.

Zuckerberg, a successful woman in her own right, does an excellent job of using Missy to highlight the achievements of notable American women. With movies like Hidden Figures topping the box office, and women breaking ground in politics, business, medicine and more, now, more than, ever, there’s much to which girls can aspire. And, speaking as a “boy mom,” I would be proud to share these ideals with my sons.

As an expert in digital responsibility, Zuckerberg, excellently weaves in lessons on smart tech use. Missy President is a great tool for teaching the importance of privacy in our highly shareable world and using social media to enhance worthy causes.

Missy President is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and at MissyPresident.com for $14.99.

Randi Zuckerberg is the author of Dot. (now an animated series on Sprout), as well as the editor-in-chief of Dot Complicated, a digital lifestyle website.

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