11 things parents are actually thankful for

Thanksgiving is nigh, and that means lots of articles, essays, poems and prose on all of our blessings. I am, of course, grateful for my two beautiful children. I could write a whole post about how wonderful they are, and most parents would nod in agreement. We can like and share the precious moments and everyday gifts, gushing about our little angels.

But, what about the things us parents are really thankful for. You know, the stuff that probably won’t make the greeting card aisle. I thought those things are worth celebrating. 

Here are some of mine:

1. I am thankful for any night when my two kids don’t force me to sleep on the absolute edge of our king-sized bed.

2. Speaking of sleep, I am thankful for when my kids stay in bed for more than 30 consecutive minutes. 

3. I am thankful for the (rare) days my back isn’t killing me from pulling my youngest off of the kitchen table or whatever else he deems worthy of climbing.

4. I am thankful for those times my oldest tries a new food AND THEN calls it disgusting, rather than claiming he doesn’t like it before his first bite.

5. I am thankful for shopping trips that are tantrum-free and don’t end in destruction of property.

6. I am thankful for the miraculous moments when both of my boys decide to nap at the same time, and it’s not on a car ride, so I can get some rest myself.

7. I am thankful for the end of the day if our home doesn’t look like it’s been simultaneously hit by an earthquake, hurricane and tornado.

8. I am thankful for when I can send my kids out with matching socks. 

9. I am thankful for uninterrupted bathroom trips.

10. I am thankful for uninterrupted time with my husband.

11. I am thankful for other parents who help me laugh and make me appreciate how truly great it is to be in this club.

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