If moms invented Brexit

So if you are not one who likes to dwell under rocks, you know about the British Exit from the European Union, which U.K. citizens passed by a margin of nearly 52 per cent. Yes, the whole thing has caused mass panic across the globe, but let’s not forget about the awesome term that was spawned by this madness: “Brexit.” I say, this word is up for grabs, and I am about to mommify the shit out of it.

So, vote yes on these 10 alternatives for “Brexit.”

1. Breast Exit

When you forgot you were just nursing and answer the door with your left boob flopping in the breeze.

2. Brunch Exit

When you use the kids as an excuse to skip out on a social event you have no desire to attend.

3. Brush Exit

When you stop bothering to do your hair every morning.

4. Bread Exit

When you eat all of the leftover crusts from your kids’ sandwiches.

5. Brain Exit

When you do something completely idiotic as the result of “mom brain.”

6. Brat Exit

When you drag your kid out of the store because he is having a tantrum over not getting a new toy.

7. Broke Exit

When you leave a store because you forgot your wallet.

8. Brand Exit

When you finally realize the store brand is just as good and a lot cheaper.

9. Brandy Exit

When you indulge in a cocktail after a long week.

10.  Bright Exit

When you pass out at 7 p.m. with your kids, even though the sun is still out.

Maybe if the Brits had any of these to choose from, they might still be part of the European Union.

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