A Millenial mom’s response to that Elite Daily article

Elite Daily published an article purportedly celebrating the coolness of Millenial moms, and proclaimed that these Gen Y ladies are “killing it.”

The article received a lot of backlash from mothers from wondering if it was meant as satire to outright disgust and worry for the kids being raised by Millenials. Mostly, the piece lent itself to some good old fashioned mockery, as shown here and here.

After I finished laughing at the ridiculousness of the article, I began to wonder if this was yet another reason for other generations to find fault with my own. Millenials have a reputation for being self-absorbed, entitled and delusional, and the Elite Daily piece, while meant to be celebratory, only furthered those stereotypes.

Speaking as an albeit older member of Generation Y, I can say that most of us would never say we are “killing it” at parenthood. Most of us are fairly new to child rearing and are just trying to do our best not to screw up our kids. Sure, we post pics of our offspring on Facebook and Instagram (who doesn’t?), some of us like to go to music festivals with our kids, and many of us choose to make our own baby food, but we are also struggling with sleepless nights, how to deal with picky eaters and trying not to impale our feet on random toys strewn across our messy floors.

After I finished rolling my eyes in response to the Elite Daily story, I wanted to know more about who wrote it. I assumed the author was herself a mom who was “killing it” and maybe had a fun blog to follow or a kick-ass Pinterest board. To my surprise, her bio made no mention of any kids. She does, apparently have a dog (which of course is the same thing) and a passion for Soul Cycle and juice cleanses.


I’m sure the author has many friends who are mothers. Perhaps they even inspired the article. More likely, she probably searched for some “cool” moms on Instagram and used them to stitch together what I guess was supposed to be an inspiring article for young moms.

Had she been an actual mom, she would have realized that most of us don’t want to read articles that make us wonder what we are doing wrong. She would know that parents often only put the very best on social media and even the most seemingly perfect parents could be serving boxed mac ‘n cheese for dinner.

I’m proud to know many Millenial moms and dads who are from all walks of life and parent in a variety of ways. They all share one thing in common, an intense love for their children.

I guess we are killing it by being good parents.

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