Five toddler – inspired spa treatments

Who needs an expensive day at the spa when you have a perfectly good toddler?

1. Massage therapy: Just lie on your stomache as your child rolls his or her toy car up and down your back and head (bonus cranial massage, oh yeah!).

2. Facial: That half – eaten yogurt on your kid’s hands would feel so good on your face. Gotta love those active cultures. Or how about some avocado?  That’s always good for the complexion.

3. Mani/Pedi: A delightful set of nails awaits you as your toddler discovers the wonders of magic markers.

4. Soak: Nothing like a bath to relieve the tension. All you need is a toddler and a tub for a refreshing soak.  (Clothing optional).

5. Mud treatment: Just let your toddler hug you after playing in the dirt for a few hours. Don’t shower for a while to let that muddy goodness sink in.

Note: All treatments are subject to abrupt cancelation because of sleepiness,  hunger or boredom.

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