Seriously, Cardboard Box Office, thanks for upping the “cool parent” ante

By now, I’m sure you have seen the link for Cardboard Box Office circulating your Facebook feed. This latest in “look how awesome we are” parenting sites depicts popular films using, you guessed it, cardboard boxes as props and stars the couple’s baby boy.

The site is adorable, creative and fun, and it will rightfully inspire other caregivers. However, it is also another example of the one-upping of social media that has infiltrated the parenting world. Whether it is creating perfect Pinterest-worthy birthday parties, or selling handcrafted bows on your darling Etsy boutiques, it seems like just being a good parent isn’t enough.

I am proud of myself for having a happy, thriving 13-month-old, and if I want to use my free moments to rest, write or attempt to clean, that should be OK. I am not an “uncool” parent if making murals out of bedsheets isn’t a daily activity. I am not less of a mom, if I don’t make every party menu from scratch.

I have several friends with children, some are great when it comes to projects, while others are more like me. Regardless, I think we should all support one another and stop trying to be so perfect.

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