Diaper free woes, or its fun to poop on the carpet

My baby pooped on the carpet three times this morning. It is as if he knew the carpet was being cleaned today, and he wanted to give the folks at Stanley Steemer a run for their money (They did great, by the way.)

Now back to why my son was naked and using the carpet as his toilet. People may say its impossible, but I am determined to have my boy potty trained before he is two years old. For a variety of reasons (personal, environmental, cultural), I think the less time babies spend in diapers, the better.

 To be clear, I still use diapers (yes, the disposable kind), for most of the day and at night. However, for at least a few hours each day, I leave the diaper off and hope that maybe, just once, I might get my baby to the bathroom in time.



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