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From Mom Babble: 5 ways raising a toddler is just like spring break


Spring break is well underway, and in case you are feeling nostalgic for your college days, check out my recent post on Mom Babble.

5 new rules for sharing

You have to share. Those words make me cringe just a little bit more every time I hear them or utter them myself. Although, I do have a problem with how kids are taught to share, I am not entirely against the concept. Sharing is a social skill that benefits all. Many awesome things, like Zipcar, run on the premise of taking turns. My problem is with how young children are taught to share.


Our intentions are good, however, I believe in establishing these generally accepted expectations for how kids should behave, we have done them a bit of a disservice. We are robbing them of autonomy, and failing to encourage true and meaningful kindness.

I propose a new set of rules that honor our children’s ability to figure things out on their own and respects their need to feel in control of their actions.

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If fairy tales were written by toddlers

The stories of “Snow White,” “Sleeping Beauty” and other great fairy tales were a huge part of my childhood. However, now that I know most were never intended for children, I hesitate to tell them to my own kid. Seriously, have you read the real version of “Cinderella” or “The Little Mermaid?” Yikes! Even the cleaned up Disney versions are a bit grown up for my son. I thought it was time for some toddler – friendly tales.

Luckily, the life of a toddler is just as adventurous, if not more so, than anything you can find in one of those boring old stories. Sure, Little Red Riding Hood almost got eaten by a wolf, but you haven’t felt suspense until you have had to be around a toddler who gets mad for no reason.

Read on to see my updated versions of some classic stories.
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Bed time is dad time

As a stay-at-home mom, I am fortunate to have forged such a strong bond with my son and am grateful to my husband for the financial and emotional support he has given me to be able to care for our child. Although, I am the primary care taker, there is a deep connection between a father and son, that I as a mother cannot and will not replace.
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Breakfast at 2 a.m.

“How did I get here?” I wondered, as a scrambled some eggs up for my wide- eyed child. It was around 2 a.m., and he (we) had been up since midnight. I hoped that with minimal fussing he would have gone back to sleep, but when after almost two hours of patting, rocking and even nursing didn’t do the trick, I knew this was no ordinary night.
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