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Sometimes, kids just get mad

I used to think such websites as “Reasons My Son Is Crying,” were mean-spirited, exploitative and harmful. These were innocent children being used as fodder for our amusement. Just shameless click-bait perpetuated by cruel parents. Surely, there was more to the reasons being presented for their meltdowns. If these kids were truly loved and cared for properly, they wouldn’t have tantrums. No child could possibly be that upset because there were too many green sprinkles on his ice cream cone.
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How to act when you see a child having a tantrum

I get it, kids can be annoying, and kids throwing fits in public can stir up some nasty thoughts about why children should all exist in their own universe. I am not one of those moms who thinks her children are perfect. I didn’t even like kids all that much until I had my own. I too can’t stand when a crying child disrupts my lunch.
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