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Finding perspective in the NICU

The NICU is a place of dualities. The noise of the nurses milling about, babies crying and the beeping of monitors is constant; yet, there is also a strange quietness that envelopes the room. The room is warm, even hot, to the point where nursing half naked is the only comfortable option; yet, the cold sterility of the highly medicalized environment is palpable in every pore of your body. While in the NICU, the heart is both filled with deep sadness for those babies that are struggling to survive and ready to burst with joy as it witnesses the resilience of these tiny humans.
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5 ways to be a new mother’s best friend

Congratulations! Someone you love has just given birth, and being the wonderful relative/friend/co-worker/random enthusiastic person you are, you want to be super helpful. And while your eagerness is certainly appreciated, you could end up causing more stress for the mother. Instead, follow these simple rules, and you will forever be in her good graces.
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