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Parents of five-month-olds got it made

One parenting joy is the ability to bitch about the difficulty of raising a (insert age of child here). New parents struggle to stay sane while caring for a helpless, poop-machine. Toddler parents contend with tantrums, crayon murals and picky eating. School-age kids bring constant questions and whining. And, the adolescent years? Yeah, not even gonna touch that.

Seems almost every stage of parenthood has its challenges. So, is there an age when things are not so bad, or even great?

Parents of Five-Month-Olds Got it Made

After nearly five years of completely unscientific research, I have concluded the period between four and six months is the most pleasant age for children.

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Why I gave up on creating a good sleeper


When I put my son to bed, he is awake and drowsy. He closes his eyes, drifts off to sleep and wakes only when he has a true physiological need for something. He sometimes seeks comfort from others, but knows how to self-soothe. He accepts sleep and welcomes it every night.
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