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5 things to toss along with your sweatpants to ensure a happy marriage


Ryan Gosling’s baby mama, aka Eva Mendes, has declared sweatpants as the number one cause of divorce. Phew! Tossed mine out just in time. However, I am left wondering what other things I need to stop wearing in order to ensure a happy marriage.
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If fairy tales were written by toddlers

The stories of “Snow White,” “Sleeping Beauty” and other great fairy tales were a huge part of my childhood. However, now that I know most were never intended for children, I hesitate to tell them to my own kid. Seriously, have you read the real version of “Cinderella” or “The Little Mermaid?” Yikes! Even the cleaned up Disney versions are a bit grown up for my son. I thought it was time for some toddler – friendly tales.

Luckily, the life of a toddler is just as adventurous, if not more so, than anything you can find in one of those boring old stories. Sure, Little Red Riding Hood almost got eaten by a wolf, but you haven’t felt suspense until you have had to be around a toddler who gets mad for no reason.

Read on to see my updated versions of some classic stories.
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