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School’s birthday policy is something to celebrate

I was elated earlier this month, when I received an official packet from my son’s school. The manila envelope was packed with information about his teacher, his bus route, special programs run by the Parent Teacher Association and important dates to remember.

One piece of paper stood out among the rest. A letter from the principal informing parents and guardians about the school’s new policy of not allowing food for classroom celebrations. Instead of bringing in treats, caregivers are asked to work with their child’s teacher to create a special project, game or other fun way to celebrate the birthday. Continue reading

Lucky penny

This story describes handling a medical situation involving a child ingesting a foreign object. Some language might be offensive to some readers. Also, every child and situation is different. Please consult your doctor if you need medical advice.


“Mama, I swallowed a penny!” So began the series of events leading to me kneeling beside my toilet searching for the coin my four-year-old ingested.

How I managed to make it through two kids and more than four years of parenting before either of them swallowed a foreign object is nothing short of a miracle. I never fully baby-proofed my home and my little ones are always getting into precarious situations. I’d like to think I did a decent job of enforcing certain rules like, staying away from the stove and crawling backwards down the stairs until walking has been mastered. I am humble enough to admit keeping my kids safe is equal parts quick reflexes and just plain good luck. Continue reading

This one little thing helped my son eat better


My three-year-old, like most three-year-olds, is, shall we say, particular, when it comes to food. He wasn’t always this way. When he first began eating solid food, he would consume anything put in front of him. And my smug self thought I had birthed the perfect little gourmand.

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A vaccination post for the rest of us

In the spirit of keeping this a more light-hearted blog, I avoided the topic of vaccinations, as it is so divisive and stirs up some serious emotions in people. But, in light of several reports on Measles outbreaks and the backlash toward anti-vaccers, I am compelled to weigh in and share a perspective, which I imagine is shared by other parents.
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Let them eat (everything but) cake

To the person who bought me the “Baby Bullet,” thank you for contributing to my collection of smoothie-making devices. There was a short time when I actually used this device to make wholesome purees from only the freshest, local produce I could find.  Dicing, steaming, blending, such was my life in the early stages of baby feeding.
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