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Mom-shaming is bad enough, so don’t fuel it with fake fire

By now you are familiar with the story of the birth photographer who told a potential customer her cesarean delivery wasn’t a real birth. The photographer chastised the pregnant woman for “cutting corners” and choosing surgery over vaginal birth. The alleged text message exchange was first posted on the Sanctimommy Facebook page and has since been covered by Scary Mommy, Daily Mail, Glamour and more. Mom groups buzz with disdain for the photographer and disbelief over her insensitivity.

How could someone who works with pregnant women be so cruel?

I’d say ask the photographer, but, she doesn’t exist.

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Who is your birth advocate?


The Web is full of stories of births gone wrong. Whether it is of the mother who sought a routine hospital birth only to end up with an emergency c-section or the woman hoping for a peaceful home birth whose child fails to receive proper medical care. No matter where the birth took place or how it went down, these women are putting themselves out there hoping their stories will inspire women to seek a better birth experience. And while generally the response to these stories is overwhelming supportive, there are always those who question why the women didn’t stand up for themselves, or claim they would have done things differently.
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5 ways to be a new mother’s best friend

Congratulations! Someone you love has just given birth, and being the wonderful relative/friend/co-worker/random enthusiastic person you are, you want to be super helpful. And while your eagerness is certainly appreciated, you could end up causing more stress for the mother. Instead, follow these simple rules, and you will forever be in her good graces.
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